Top 20 most popular websites of 2018 in UAE

Top 20 most popular websites of 2018 in UAE

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The United Arab Emirates is going ahead in applications of smart technology to a plethora of areas.  In this infographic, we are sharing the top UAE websites and to further drill down we have a list of 20 most popular websites of 2018 in UAE ranked by Alexa and based on the combination of average daily visitors and page views over a one-month period to calculate its ranking.


Top UAE Websites of 2018 is retaining the first position in the country as has become identical with the term of researching in every pace of life. Another second and third position is obtained by and respectively; as YouTube is having an average of 8 minutes time spent with 4.7 page views per visit attracting a great pool of audience through huge video library. is now recognized as the verb when it comes to search online and it is the most widely used search tool.

Specifically, in UAE, social media is succeeding ultimately in this span and ultimately is the proof of it. is appeared at the fourth position by possessing an average 10 minutes time consumed at the platform with an immense creation of social relations.

Either it is of exchanging of personal/professional emails or making an online shopping done with the wide variety, the platforms of and are listed in top 10 popular websites of UAE. The largest carrier of information is depicted in the face of this is what making it to the eighth position in the ranking arena.

Other websites massively ruling the top charts in UAE are,,,,,

Based on the measure of page views and time spent by viewers, is greatly managed to hold the position with the provision of credible news and infotainment. The largest professional social networking site LinkedIn is holding over 5 minutes of consumption time while another largest social network Instagram intended to capture and share the moments have secured the prominent mark at 20th position.


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