Top 20 UAE Websites 2021 - Infographics

Top 20 UAE Websites 2021

With the technology-paced environment, there are shifts every now and then in the stats of websites. We share top UAE websites every year to better understand the traffic stats. This time as well, we are compiling here top UAE websites of 2021 that are on the top ranking with higher usage stats.

So let us have a look!


What is the number one most visited website in the UAE?

Above latest compilation for ranking of top UAE websites is done through Alexa official rankings based on daily time spent and daily pageviews per visitor on the websites. In this ranking, the giant search engine is on the top position. It is having over 17 minutes of time spending on-site daily with 18:24 pageviews per visitor. However, and are on the second and third position respectively with higher time spent and page views.

Which are the most visited UAE websites of all time?

From the above stats, it is greatly visible that the video portal YouTube is reaching great fame with higher usage stats. and are present on the second and third positions. They are possessing the higher percent traffic from searches that are 13.90% and 8.90% respectively.

Other websites getting the spots in the top used UAE websites lists are,,,,,, and These websites are driving significant traffic from searches through search engines.

What are the top social media websites in UAE?

Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are some of the top social media websites in the UAE. They are topping the social media chart like every year. Amplified usage of mobiles has given an ultimate boost to the traffic of social media websites. This is the reason people are inclining more towards the social media websites in UAE.

Facebook is the third top website in the UAE showing the average daily time spending over 18 minutes with over 8 page views per visitor on average. The platform is maintaining its top position by adding new features regularly and presenting options for businesses. This is the core reason, businesses are using this platform to reach their target audience on daily basis.

Other Top UAE Websites of 2021

The era of the coronavirus has brought up a shift in the activities of users. People are now more involved in doing online activities including online meetups, online shopping, as well as online education. Undoubtedly, this is making websites like,, and to the top used UAE website charts. Moreover, entertainment portal Netflix and information website Wikipedia are in the list of top UAE websites highlighting the significant time portion spent by users.

The above stats show that a colossal percentage of people are reaching the platform through diverse searches. Here users are spending prominent time on the respective websites above.

Also, is on the list of top ten websites in UAE reflecting its reach to all users through its information, entertainment, and business portals. The website is doing a great job towards the business entities and masses of the country.

So this was our post on the top UAE websites of 2021 compiled through specific sources as of May 2021. The stats shown above could be updated accordingly.

Source: Alexa

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