Top UAE websites 2019 (Top 20 Websites Infographics)

top uae websites of UAE 2019

The race in the world of the internet seems never-ending and websites are observing visible changes in their usage stats more frequently. In this post, we are going to share the top UAE websites 2019 along with their traffic stats to have a better idea of the technology scene. So have a look.

Similarweb’s Top Website

Top UAE websites list of 2019 by The Media Lab

What is the number one most visited website?

The latest compilation for ranking of top UAE websites is based on monthly traffic and time visit of the web pages. Under this ranking, the giant search engine is beating all other sites carrying over 08 minutes time spent per visit in “Search” category.

The ranking is not entirely based on just traffic but it is analyzed in comparison with other websites’ monthly traffic. The metrics like page views and average stay time on the page is considered in the estimation of ranking.

Which are the most visited websites of all time?

In a broader context, video is becoming an important part of internet surfing and this is greatly evident by the stats of 2019.

The second position is rushed by the world’s renowned video hub, whereas the third spot is reserved by

The reasons for the higher rankings of these websites are amplified usage of mobile internet reserving the large share of online activities. Under the category of TV and Video, YouTube sustains the position with over 22 minutes time per visit and 9.7 page views on an average.

The stats here shows that colossal percentage of people are involved in consuming online video content daily under the different niche of adult content, comic, information, music and others.

What is top social media website in UAE?

Countries in the Middle East are topping the social media chart this year as well while United Arab Emirates is at the first position. This is the reason social networking site Facebook is leading with momentous traffic and page visit time.

Facebook remains the fourth top website in UAE carrying over 10 minutes time per visit with 10.6 page views on average.

Facebook is posed to stay at the top position as many brands and businesses are indulged in this platform to reach their target audience on daily basis. Regardless of the age brackets, this giant social networking platform has made it easier to watch and analyze brands’ repute across the scale.

Other Top Websites of UAE

Other name appeared in the list of top ten website in UAE is that is reaching to its all users and fans with cool stuff either its information, entertainment or business services. The website has found great favor in the business entities and masses of the country. is the information hub that is retaining the position under top ten websites across UAE. With over 3 minutes per visit time, the website is managing to hold the sixth position under “Reference” category.  Either way, this ranking is showing that people are spending enough amount of time in seeking the informative content.

The Leading E-commerce web portal, is appeared at the seventh position in the “Shopping” category yielding an average time per visit of 6 minutes. Afterwards, is in the chart being the giant communication app having over 2 minutes time spent on average. However social networking applications of and possess weighty traffic curves throughout the timespan holding the ninth and tenth position respectively.

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