Top Kuwait websites:20 most popular websites of 2018[Infographic]

20 most popular websites of 2018

The use of digital technologies in every field got skyrocketed from the past two decades.

The Arab region is also having an avid change in their business dimensions.

Kuwait is the country observing the fast-paced growth in technology either it is healthcare, industrial or social fields. And all these changes are being reflected through different modes. One of the modes is online where you can see websites representing different verticals are making the waves in the country. By keeping in mind, we are sharing top most popular websites ranked by Alexa and presented by combining average daily visitors and page views over a one-month span.


Top 20 popular websites of Kuwait

Adopting changes to the greater extent, businesses are moulded immensely over the past few years.

When we look over the stats of most populous websites of Kuwait then as expected appeared at the first position sweeping the competition and holding over 7 minutes time spent and more than 8 page views at average by a user in a month.

The second position is held by giant video search engine that has attracted the massive number of people and its stats show that average user spending time here is over 8 minutes while page views listed are 4.79.

Being the gigantic search engine across the world, here occupied a third position with over 7 minutes time spent. Facebook is presented at the fourth position having 10 minutes time consumed with 4 page views at average. Other than that, mailing websites like and are in quite closed competition having across 4 minutes time spent with over 3 page views individually. recognized as the largest online encyclopedia website existed on the internet having 4 minutes time consumed by a user while social sharing websites and are carrying 6 minutes and 5 minutes time spent respectively.

More websites heading over to good positions in the popular website list are,,,,,,, and As the largest entertainment websites, and hold the nineteenth and twentieth positions respectively possessing over 3 minutes and 5 minutes time expended with 4 and 3 page views at the platforms respectively


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