Top 20 most popular websites of 2018 in KSA

Top KSA websites

Digital revolution is undoubtedly changing both human lives and businesses and websites are playing a big role in this outlook. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is hovering over the smooth technological updates with the passage of time. In this piece, we are looking over the infographics for the top KSA websites being operated in the country. These stats are combined through the figures compiled by Alexa and based on the factors of average daily visitors and page views over one-month time.

Top KSA Sites

Top 20 KSA websites

As the biggest search engine operating locally in Saudi Arabia is holding the very first position in the list of widespread websites running in the country. It is having more than 8 page views with 5 minutes spent at average by a user throughout the month. Likewise, the video search engine, is ahead in the list contributing the second position as representing the stats with 8 minutes time consumed along with 4 page views by the average user.

Globally recognized searching website is retaining the third position with the prominent number of 8 page views and average time spent of 7 minutes. The fourth mark is obtained by the Arabic news website that is booming with 4 minutes time consumed by a user at average followed by the social networking website which is indicating a good amount of time spent and page views.

The leading mail website is at a decent position in the list with 4 minutes time expended and over 3 page views seized by a user. Another Arabic news website is at seventh position with 12 minutes time spent an average 4 page views. All these stats are showing great popularity attained by the website across the country.

Further, websites in the rankings are including mailing and social networking websites like and succeeding to gain the attention of the vast audience in the Arab region. Other than these websites,,,,,,,,,, and showing the worthy number of page views with time consumed by the users at these spaces.

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