6 Things To Consider For Website Designing In Dubai

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Designing a website is a crucial task to retain a business. If you are planning to design a website for Dubai, UAE market so that you should get the best out of it.

The reason is that UAE has the high number of tech savvy people who always search for business on their devices. According to the latest UAE has the highest number of internet penetration in the world. Here are 6 things stated to follow when designing a website and penetrate in the industry.

Responsive web design

Giving your website a responsive design is one of the momentous factors for success of business. If your website is not mobile friendly and it's not perfectly opening on different screens then chances are that your users might leave your website without looking at your content.

So, it's better to have something which is really great and fits on all screen.

While designing a website, keep all pages responsive so that the entire website should be mobile friendly and people can easily browse website.

As per the 2019 stats coming in, 50% of the web traffic is leveraging from mobile devices. Even Google is no more supporting non-mobile friendly website in search results. Thus, it’s better to have a mobile friendly website with properly implemented images grabbing the attention of visitors.

Website Structure

When designing a website, keep in mind to design proper structure of your website.

Create proper hierarchy that represents your nature of business. If you have multiple service or products, so define them clearly and with relevancy. the placement of images and the arrangement of your product or services or code businesses are really important because viewers want to take the full information about your product or services in short span of time.

So, if your products are badly structured, users will find it hard to navigate to your website and it will result in a measure lost for your business. Eventually, they will close the website and run away and land into some of your competitors’ website generating business for them.

Local SEO

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) used in website to serve different purposes. The first purpose is to put your business location on the Google Map so that your customers can find you easily and visit your website and call your business.

In this way, they can easily navigate and then easily find a business and apart from this aspect, people who are actually happy with your businesses can give you the ratings on Google and buy the product/service.

This can beat your competitors and you will start coming on top ranking whether it's a Google search or Google Map properties.

How to list your business on Google map

You can visit https://www.google.com/business/ and provide your business details such as location, contact numbers, website, operation hours and set a marker on your exact location.

Google will ask you to verify your provided information either by call or through post card. It depends on your business category and country you are located in.

Embed Social Media links on the website

Next thing you can do is to connect your social media with your website. You can share your hyperlinks  social media icons to help you to get great response and will increase the trust factor while customers visiting your social media accounts.

It will be easy for the customers get in touch with the company as this is one of the greatest strategies. These social media pages show lighter yet detailed side of your business also facilitate company to reach random target audience, so it's better to let them follow you and let them become fan of yours on Facebook or on other social media.

It will make them informed as whenever you post anything new, running new promotion or a new product announcement so they will be the first one who gets the notification.

Add additional communication points

Customers need more personalized communication on your website. Gone are the days when visitors need to submit the form or emails in order to get the required information.

If you don’t want to lose customers and want to make more sales then you need to be super active while communicating with your visitors.

There are various chat tools available in the market that you can install for free. You can automate it based on different triggers in order to avoid long queues.

We would recommend Zendesk to start off with. The basic version of this chat tools is free and if your website has more traffic so you can opt for pro version as well.

You can also go for Tawk.to which is also a free chat tool and can be configured on mobile as well.

So, it's good to have plugins to get reach to customers’ thoughts. In this regard, you can also install the WhatsApp and all you can just have it on your mobile. In this case, WhatsApp business account is highly recommended for this option.

Similarly, it will also facilitate customers to get the information that is not present on the website. So customers can directly talk to you when you are online. This will lead to start a conversation with customers having a good hold on them.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You made a beautiful website, now what’s next?

Now you need traffic on your website and leads. What if Google still doesn’t recognize your website.  Google bots normally crawl the site after some time once the website gets live but you can do it by yourself too. Simply go to Google webmaster tool which is a free tool by Google and index your website. You should also submit the sitemap of your website to Google search console so that Google can understand the structure of the pages of your website.

This page indexing will let your website push at good rankings on search engine when someone searches your business. Though, your properly indexed website will have a chance that it is eligible for Google friendly things and will keep pushing your website on enhanced rankings based on the number of traffic and the content.

Thus, for increasing chances of website success, follow the basic steps for indexing so that Google can crawl your website and helps you reach the target audience.


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