5 Tips for Facebook Marketing

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Facebook is a dominant tool for marketing the content either of businesses or brands. Though today’s competitiveness in the industry makes it struggling to explore with new ideas everyday and engage the audience with worthy conversations.

However, writing some content with fine reasonable image is a thing that is always in to generate conversations with viewers but here are some of the tips that will lead to enhanced engagement on the facebook page in real time.

1. Posting with timings

Not just posting relevant content is enough but to consider timings for placing the content is a serious concern for any brand or business that could take Facebook marketing to heights. To get the content posted at right time is essential for making post reach wider. To fulfill this concern, take a look at your audience and their persona whom you want to reach.

The good way to figure out timing to post is trial and error. These timing obviously differ from audience to audience as mom who stays busy will be surfing Facebook in late afternoon than a bachelor who stays up late at night.  So, check out the audience and engagement rate to make the calendar of posts accordingly while planning for Facebook Marketing.

2. Put social media images

Likewise the text content is significant, but pictures are worth of thousand words. Pictures receive approx 53% more likes and 84% additional link clicks than average post that lead Facebook marketing to another level.

Some of the other tips regarding Facebook images are:

  • Prefer to share pictures of real people
  • Get focus on the faces
  • Bring lifestyle images to highlight
  • Managed image galleries
  • Focus on brief paragraphs

3. Arrange Facebook contests

People don’t want vague content. They prefer to play some contest, games or any quizzes on the pages. So as a brand, make sure to design your post calendar with good number of contests that could maintain engagement rates. The thrill to get anything for free always generates interest and tends to increase social media brand awareness.

With the execution of contests at facebook page, brand could lead to have

  • Enhanced fan base
  • Increased traffic
  • Boosted shares of posts
  • Stuff becomes viral
  • More conversions

4. Boost the selected posts

Facebook has different algorithms to make your post displayed but after identifying your target audience, post can be boosted as per the budget. With certain fees, brands can make more appearance on their customers’ newsfeed. Though these fees vary according to the number of people to whom you want to reach via post. However, not every post is intended to boost! So check out the suitable post which can generate valuable results in return of boosting.These boosted posts create awareness of the limited time campaign among the audience while encouraging visits to the website.

5. Look for audience insights

The activities on the facebook page themselves reflect the engagement that the audience carry up with brand. It can be observed through the content as which stuff is more customer centric and what sort of content is being ignored. These seeking of insights enable the brand to put efforts and concentrate on crisp content.

These are the incredible points that have to be followed for designing an effective and efficient Facebook marketing plan for respective brand or company. Through acting on these aspects, an avid engagement and conversions could be observed in short time.

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