3 Mistakes In Corporate Video Making That Make You Look Dumb

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Whether you are having a small startup or having a larger organization, corporate video making is becoming an essential step to accelerate your business growth. In this regard, 83% of marketers said that video is becoming progressively important in today's cut-throat competition.

However, there are many traps in which you can fall and hurt your reputation in the market.

In this prospect, we are going to share some of the mistakes that can make your corporate video making ineffective.

1. Not considering your target audience

When you are about to make a corporate video for your brand or services, simply make sure you are not falling in a trap by avoiding your target audience. It is really easy to make a video but to make a video worth watching is effortful to create.

Thus, in order to avoid such a terrible mistake, make sure to keep your target audience in mind from the first step to last. Either you are writing the script or filming the scenes, every stage has to consider all prospects that the audience will like.

Do not focus on the product features to a greater extent as it could lead the audience to boredom. Instead, highlight the benefits that the audience will get through your products or services.

In a few words, think about the questions before corporate video making.

1) What type of videos does the audience enjoy watching?

2) What problems your target audience is facing?

3) How can your brand or service help to solve the problems?

2. No clear objective in the video

As per the stats, 96% of consumers aged between 18-34 watch videos several times a week, and 75% of millennials usually watch at least one video per day. That is because they find an objective in a video that is delivered by the brands.

So if you are into corporate video making and putting no clear objective in the video then it will turn out as a failure. Don’t start to create a corporate video if you don’t have any clear picture of what you want to achieve.

The content and whole appearance of your video should reflect the motive as either you are raising awareness for the brand or launching a product or service? If these aspects are clearly defined then your corporate video making will lead you effective results.

3. Delivering multiple messages

People watching videos do not like to get bombarded with too many points or messages in the video.

They want to get some information with some entertainment.

If you are creating the video with too many messages then there is a higher probability that your corporate video making will go vain.

So it is recommended to put one message in a video and not cram the audience in several messages. This might leave them in a lot of confusions and ultimately they would stop watching the video. Effective corporate videos usually deliver a single message so that the audience gets your perception rightly.

These were the mistakes brands often do when going through corporate video making.

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