Why social media marketing is not bringing the result for your brand?

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Social media marketing is growing at warp speed and businesses are using it rapidly to enhance their presence among their audience. Social media boom is visible across the world. As per the recent study, it is found that 68% of American adults frequently use Facebook where 78% use Instagram and 45% of people use Twitter. It is obvious that social media can reap greater benefits but what if the business is still facing low response? This low response could be due to several reasons. Have a look at some reasons that can turn your social media marketing as a failed one.

Reasons for failed social media marketing

Imprecise targeting of audience

One of the significant aspects to get a bond with customers is through the best research for the target audience.

If you are doing all efforts on social media but lacking the prospect of reaching the right audience then it will turn out as a failure. So to leverage the best benefit through your social media pages. Search for your target audience and design your moves accordingly.

Content posting breaks

Another reason the audience does not respond to page activities is that you are taking long intervals in posting the content. These breaks in posting can lead to reduced engagement at social media. One of the studies shows that 77% of brands could disappear and 23.2% of people show less brand loyalty to such businesses. However,  26% of people are less likely to use products or services.

You can keep posting on different time intervals and keep an eye on analytics of your social media to see which time is best when your audience is online.

Content lacking interest

If you are posting the content that does not carry any interest element for the audience then your efforts are wasted.

So in order to penetrate rightly in the audience, make sure to design the content that can grab the attention of viewers.

Posting a lot of promotions and hashtags

According to research, brands who are posting too many promotions annoy viewers. Different brands frequently post about promotions and this leads to disinterest by the audience. In this regard, people unfollow the brands that post a great number of promotional messages. Moreover, usually, people avoid information that is not relevant to their interests.

Secondly, the usage of too many hashtags (most of the time irrelevant) on Facebook can lead to less post engagement according to research by Social media today.

Real-time performance analysis

If you are regularly posting on social media but not tracking the real-time performance of the page then your efforts are vague.

Social media allows keeping track of your efforts to see how well your content or ad is working. As per the performance, you can update or create changes within the content.

From all the research tools, the significance of social media is apparent. One of the interesting researches reflects that a user in UAE spends an average of 2 hours and 59 minutes on his/her in his social media account daily.

So it is better to design the strategic plans that can cope with today’s industry needs. Under this prospect, online marketers agree that their continuous efforts in executing a social media marketing strategy are really effective. Moreover, millions of business brands are using Facebook advertising to promote their products on a regular basis.

Are you putting efforts into social media marketing but not getting expected results?

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