Why your corporate website design is more important today than ever before?

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Gone are the days when businesses were operating manually.

Now its 2020 and we are stepping in the new year with the most innovative technological aspects. Businesses are focusing more on corporate website design.

The advancements in technology are opening the ways for Artificial intelligence, Virtual Reality, and enhanced cyberspace. Above all, businesses are moving towards a digitally equipped presence and creating their places in the online world.

Websites are the gateway to businesses and it reflects all about the services and products they operate on. Most of the business marketers affirm that Google is now a part of the new “homepage” for all businesses.

Interactive and user-friendly corporate website design

As per the research, 38% of people exit the website if they don’t find a website attractive. However, 40% leave a website if it's loading in more than 3 seconds. So when you are designing a website, consider this most important aspect as it can create great credibility of your business else all the efforts might face failures.

Attractive web design

The same research indicates that 75% of people judge business credibility from its website while the bigger part of 94% of people creates the impression of business based on the website.

Thus to grab the eyeballs of viewers, give them something good to remember. In this way, they will come back and make a purchase or get your service over your competitors. Corporate website design is really serving as a bridge to shrink the gap between company and customer.

Embed comprehensive information

When you are creating a website then make sure to embed the detailed content about your products/services on your pages.

This is an era of technology and people are fetching information via mobiles instantly. With the whole information on the website, viewers will find it easy to make a purchase decision. Also, ensure that your mobile web version is responsive and faster in order to lead customers with great user experience.

One of the surveys states that throughout the past year, desktop internet usage declined from 54.86% to 46.5%. However, mobile users' percentage got increased from 37.38% to 48.33% in November 2019. In this regard, Millennials spend an average of 3 hours and 45 minutes surfing through their mobile devices

So far, most of the companies are not conducting user experience testing but seeing the immense significance of the websites; businesses are expected to perform the test by 2020. This research will definitely lead more businesses to recognize their potential in this online arena.

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