Why you really need Instagram marketing in UAE?

Why you really need Instagram marketing in UAE?

Undoubtedly, Instagram marketing in UAE is making businesses to the top of the success scale.

It is one of the most significant social media marketing networks that are grabbing the attention of brands as well as audience.

When the photo-sharing app of Instagram was launched in 2010, no one anticipated that it would cross the immense success mark. This photo and video sharing app has grown phenomenally while showing double usage figures every year.

Instagram marketing in UAE is enhancing the presence of brands across the region. The influential marketing by Instagram has successfully grabbed the attention of the audience and this is the reason that 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily.

It is clearly visible that if you are a marketer in UAE and want to make a great place in today’s competitive market then building an audience on Instagram will be a great step for you. This post will tell you why you need Instagram marketing in UAE and how it will evolve your brand’s presence.

1. Enhancing brand visibility

In 2020, it is expected that Instagram users will spend around 28 minutes per day on the platform while 62% of people mention that they get interested in a brand or product after seeing its Instagram Stories. Seeing this great exposure, your brand can truly get benefit from user-oriented strategies. Marketing works great when your brand is visible through creative content. This effective content helps to increase the number of brand mentions and lead your page to a visible one.

2. Higher engagement rate

Engaging customers in a better way make your marketing tool powerful. If you launch a marketing campaign but without high levels of engagement, you will not be able to meet business objectives leading to reduced Return On Investment.

So to start off, initiate with the tips to get more followers on Instagram and build your brand. Instagram is known as the king of social media engagement as per the survey by Forrester Research. Instagram gives around 58 times more engagement as per follower than the platform of Facebook. Further, Instagram delivers 150 times more engagement per follower as compared to Twitter.

3. Opt visual marketing

It is obvious that the picture is worth a thousand words and that is the biggest reason Instagram has successfully topped the chart of most famous social media platforms. There are diversified marketing and advertising techniques and one of the brilliant mediums is visual content. If your brand is focusing right on visual marketing then there are obvious chances that your brand will be ahead of the competition. Pictures specifically videos are incredible and effective marketing tools that can share your brand with the world.

4. Improved SEO ranking

Search Engine Optimization is a significant aspect of any marketing campaign. The Instagram page helps you to get to search engine track rightly. But if your business is not ranking high on search engine results pages (SERPs), then your brand does not exist and the target audience will unable to find you. It is unwise to avoid this angle if you are really serious about SERPs.

5. Easy and effective marketing

Instagram is easy and effective marketing that adds value to followers’ lives through consistent stories and posts. People like to see authentic content as they are annoyed by TV adverts or social media ads. This eventually leads to increased engagement with more followers. Another benefit you will get from Instagram is people will share your content if they like your content. This will help you to penetrate in the market without being over promotional.

Instagram marketing in UAE reaps greater benefits and if you are looking to dive deep into it then contact our professional Instagram marketing team to stimulate your business growth.


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