Why video content has more engagement than static content?


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This is an era where brands and businesses are moving towards the latest techniques to penetrate in the market.

One of the latest techniques that are moving businesses forward is video content.

There has been a great explosion of videos on the website as well as social media that is greatly catching the attention of viewers more than any static content.

With the passage of years, the growth of video content is swelling and brands are seeing an avid growth through video content on social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Branded video content has obtained increased views on YouTube. When it comes to Twitter, people retweet a video 6 times more than any static content.


Video trend is getting popular

With the boom of social media especially Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, people are diverting to watch more videos instead of static content. Social videos are shared 1200% more than any text or pictures. Millions of people browse Facebook and other social media sites. According to stats, people spend more than 100 million hours watching videos on Facebook. People like to have entertainment and absorb full info in just shorter time and this is the reason they want to watch videos instead of static content pieces. 

Video yields good engagement rates

Video content appears as the most effective elements in the aspect of digital marketing strategy. Humans find videos more interesting, engaging and informative. This is why they remember the facts and information that are present in videos.

Videos are great for good storytelling and advertising about brands or services.

Today companies are increasing their conversion and exposure through video marketing strategies in forms of video blogs, webinars, tutorials, ads, customer testimonials, live streams, product videos, and live videos. Thus, it is great to opt the video production to penetrate in the target audience.

Quick video trends

The savvy marketers mentioned that videos stay for long. Even the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg says that video is the most significant part of our future. Check out some of the video trends here:

  • Video marketing tool is used by 81% as mentioned by (Hubspot)
  • 6 out of 10 people prefer watching online videos other than television as stated by Google
  • Evidently Mobile video consumption is seeing a great rise by 100% every year as stated by Insivia
  •  By 2022, online videos will constitute more than 82% of internet traffic. It is 15 times higher as compared to the year 2017, stated by Cisco
  • Moreover, around 78% of people watch online videos in a week while 55% view online videos every day as mentioned by HubSpot
  • It is mentioned that 59% of executives watch a video than reading a text post, stated in Wordstream
  • As per the stats of eMarketer, 75% of all videos are played on mobiles
  • Video messages are memorable and viewers remember 95% of a message that is delivered in a video as stated by Insivia

These are some facts and figures highlighting the importance to adopt video marketing. This intriguing video content strategy is making brands successful throughout the scale. If you want to hit the market rightly through video content then approach our efficient video marketing agency in UAE.


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