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We understand that there are some people who just want a basic website because searches for the content of their homepage, but we help discover the sense of personality and mission behind why someone would start up their own company. Designing your site should be as much fun as running it! You'll be truly happy when you're not being ignored by potential customers because they're drawn in by flashy advertising or having too many choices. Our designs keep things clean and simple so you know your audience will find what they need right away and take action with dynamic web design services like responsive web design and on-demand pick n' plating plus easy setup from Drupal to WordPress platforms.

For the creative business owner who's always had a vision bigger than their skills, The Media Lab is here to help make your dreams a reality. We'll build you an innovative online brand and design every final detail of it-from logo creation to web programming to graphic design. Group discounts are available!

The Media Lab is a web design and development company based in Dubai and we offer businesses the perfect websites that will turn heads. They work s hard as you, but they're probably way more fun to talk to than your mom or dad. Let's get weird together and make those haters green-eyed losers.

We know you're sick of your business getting lost in the crowd. Spend a briefing session with our Web designers and it'll be like before people found out about you. Dedicated to all-things web design, we remain cutting edge at any cost. Our website designs are sleek, dynamic, colloquialistic and customizable for your needs!

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How to make your website design stand out from the crowd?

There is a feeling, there is an aura. It's in the air of your business when you close the door and flip on that first switch of the day. The one that sets the stage for what's to come, illuminating future possibilities all around.

With the ever-changing digital marketing industry, you want that extra something to make sure your business stands out. This is why it's important to go with a company like The Media Lab for all of your web design Dubai needs. With our help we'll work with you until you're happy and confident in what we've done!

The Media Lab

Content is king, but the kings of the web are creatives without imagination. Those who can tell a story with their content, those who have an "eye for design"...a designer you say? You might be in need of some attention.

You ask for it, and we heard you loud and clear! A complete new redesign of website to be a one stop destination site for your design needs just popped up in cyberspace. Loaded with all the latest marketing strategies, trends and more on web design best practices - this is your comprehensive hub for all things related to web design.

Get ready to have an exciting celebration because everything from graphic design tips in order to break into terms with customers easier or how user testing benefits website conversions is at our fingertips.

Our Web Design philosophy - We Design for humans with purpose

This web design and development will speak volumes for your company. Whether you are updating the look of an already established website, or want to start fresh with a new custom made template, this is the site for you. Features like full webpage layout customization make it possible to say more about who you are and what you do than any other promotional tools out there. And with over 7 years combined experience in web development and graphic design we can ensure that your business online is as effective as it needs to be.

"It's time to breathe new life into your web design! Give it a classy makeover with our unique customization tools and secure, compatible codes.

We're here to make sure you never let those feelings fade away. You want them to shine through every chance you get. And we stand ready with a balance of well-defined techniques and cutting-edge technology for web development guaranteed to put life back into fatigued designs with crisp wireframes, slick color schemes, vivid graphic elements, loading animations that dazzle—you name it!

The Media Lab

We can do web design job from WOW to OMG in no time!

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Aesthetic Design Approach

Websites are one of the most important investments you can make these days. You need to be on point with design or else customers will never visit your site again- so it's essential to find a good Web design Dubai Agency like The Media Lab that knows all about cool, new technologies.

You need to be bold to stand out. Your online presence is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. The media lab can help create the perfect website for your start-up, or support established businesses with quick tweaks that'll make sure they continue thriving.

UX/UI Approach

You don't know UX/UI until you've employed it! In a world full of over-the-top design, where less is more, we keep the best of both worlds and combine them to form the most enticing UI. It will make your website's layout 10x better, we'll optimize for desktop and mobile devices. You'll find no overpowering designs here--UX & UI will make your website feel modern, fresh, and light as a feather.

UX/UI design of a website is the most important aspect in order to have an enjoyable and functional experience. When your site has an easy to use interface with smoothly sliding panels, pops out help bubbles, and perfect balance between game play and informative content, it makes for a great user experience that you'll keep coming back to. There are tons of other features than just pretty looks that make good UX help people sell more stuff or run their campaigns better - we're happy helping you reduce bounce rates on your website too.

The Media Lab

Website loading speed

You need a website design that is modern, fast loading, and reflects your professional demeanor. Don't worry about it anymore because we have built the best web design development module for you to make your next business web presence great with web pages that load quickly and are strategically designed for conversion like no other site on the web.

With a great looking and speedy website, your business can communicate faster than ever before. It's easy to have a fast loading site design these days with all the most up-to-date web technology available. Your company can speak its mind without delay through our custom design stacks.

Responsive Web Design

Ready to start designing your perfect website? Check out our new, responsive website design. Your content and layout will make sense on any screen size or device!

Google loves websites that load fast in a mobile browser. No one likes to refresh the page when they're working on their phone. We'll make sure your website is responsive across all devices so you can focus on winning more customers instead of making fancy components.

You’ll thank yourself later, because you deserve it. With a responsive website design from our web design company dubai, your site will be paying attention to what customers want — they won’t have to search for information that isn’t there.

With our responsive website design features, your content will always look its best. The mobile internet user is anything but second-class as they are now able to view your site with ease no matter where they go!

Get started with The Media Lab today.

E-commerce Website Design

You deserve to be taken seriously. Your marketing should reflect that. When you’re launching your online store, it needs to look professional and live up to the same expectations as brick-and-mortar stores. At The Media Lab we are obsessed with e-commerce website design! Being the best Web Design Agency Dubai, we know every single thing there is about the customer experience, payment gateway integration, checkout process and site architecture, down to detail like button color or product image bleed variances – we can scale an e-commerce website into maximum ROI for your business.

The Media Lab

We'll provide Custom blue prints for your website. We know that there are a number of obstacles that come with designing an online store, but we’ve got you covered. Don’t give up on your dream just because you don't have the time or resources to do it right!

Our team can design an attractive, engaging e-commerce site complete with features like personalized customer satisfaction surveys and automated marketing content.

Designing an e-commerce website is full of creativity, playfulness and strategy. With new design attention paid to screen size innovation, we focus on responsive layout and standards. And all websites are built in accordance with current best practices like conversion rates optimization and security modules.

This website will have you cashing in. Take your e-commerce business to the next level with an intuitive interface and a state of the art design that looks like it was tailored for personalized online shopping just for you! Get a website that does everything you want by talking to our web designers today!

Type of websites that we make

Wordpress websites

Looking to create a website for your business? It's easier than you think! Simply contact our web design team in Dubai point and accomplish your desired website process, such as naming your website, changing the banner image, adding social media icons. There is no need for any specialized coding knowledge when using WordPress!

WordPress is the perfect Content Management System (CMS) for any website. With its large selection of custom designs to achieve your desired look, WordPress will only contribute to what’s important—the business name on the door . Wordpress handles multiple web design and development issues such as defining how texts and images are positioned on a page, creating columns with breakpoints when scrolling through content, propping up headers with intro copy that scales well on desktop screens or mobile phone screens. And it does all these things beautifully!

Corporate websites

We know a brand is more than just a logo: it's like that friend you can always rely on when you need support. That’s why many of the UAE'S leading brands trust The Media Lab as the best Web Design Dubai Agency for website development and marketing needs. From custom designs to targeted content, we'll create something that reflects your values, presents your mission in an engaging way, and invites potential customers to get involved with your business.

Without a doubt, one of the best investments any company could ever make in its online marketing strategy is the creation or redesign of their website. Websites can represent businesses on a different level than social media or promotional materials like pamphlets and brochures—the internet is where people go to find out more about what you're selling before committing to buy from you in person. And if they're not finding that information at your site, chances are they'll go through Google or Yelp until they find it somewhere else. That's why it's imperative for every business to invest as much time into creating an eye-catching, informative homepage as possible; otherwise consumers will never know what your company has to offer!

E-commerce Websites

First impressions are everything. That's why this website is the perfect investment for any business looking to be seen by your target market. Your potential customers may not even know what you have to offer, but an amazing website will tell them all they need to know in just a few minutes of site browsing, and that's priceless.

E-commerce web design and development is a huge asset to any online business. Gone are the days of expensive storefronts and rents, with our modern technology we can set up your site for you in just about no time. We have been refining this trade and even though it's changed drastically over these years, one thing has stayed constant: quality work. Give us a chance to take care of everything so you can do what you love!

The Media Lab enables you to work as efficiently and effectively in the digital age as any other, with beautiful website designs. We know the difference between a 404 error and index page is just semantics, so if your company has a design team or simply needs an expert consultation on how to develop your product’s brand online, we can help. We can develop any type of e-commerce website, be it Shopify, Magento or any other platform. Our web design and development experts know how to get the job done.

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