What is corporate video marketing and how does it work?

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Corporate video marketing is an aspect that makes the brand penetrate into a relevant audience. In a few words, a corporate video is a video created by any organization to create awareness about its products or services. It communicates more in sight, sound and feels as compared to words or images.

At times, corporate video marketing is associated with the promotional company profile or product videos. However, on the other side, corporate video marketing is convenient to use for different promotional purposes across all channels including websites and social media.

Video Marketing Best Practices

Makes customer stick with the brand

Either you are at the initial stage of business or going through a matured period, corporate video marketing is an essential thing to do.

So creating a captivating corporate video should be a part of your marketing strategy. The integration of corporate videos with brands creates brand authority and builds excitement among the audience to see your next release.

In one of the surveys conducted in 2020,  across 656 marketing professionals reveal their plans for 2020. And this is what the results are: 

  • YouTube: 88 percent of marketers say they plan to use video marketing in 2020.
  • Facebook: 76 percent of marketers plan to use video marketing through Facebook in 2020.
  • Instagram: 65 percent mentioned that they plan to use videos on Instagram in 2020.
  • Twitter: 38 percent plan to use videos on Twitter in 2020.
  • Snapchat: However, 9 percent plan to use video at this platform in 2020.

Wow your target audience on Social Media

Creating corporate videos with multiple themes and posting them on social media yields greater benefits. Lead your brands by inducing a wow effect through your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and get the attention of more eyes. Diversified platforms give your brand the potential to reach a diverse audience on a broader market scale.

There are ranges of video formats that are being used widely across all social media platforms. From 60 second videos on Instagram to 2 minutes of informative videos on the giant Facebook platform, brands are exploding socially.

As per the research of Hubspot, the suitable time frames to produce good results by videos are:

  • Instagram videos: 26 seconds
  • Twitter videos: 45 seconds
  • Facebook videos: 1 minute
  • YouTube videos: 2 minutes

The reason why customers get tick with the short videos is that the "bite-sized" videos are immensely popular. They don't consume much time and grasp the information through the right track.

Keep a tab on the insights

Not just posting the videos is enough but to keep a check on received insights is greatly essential. Moreover, it is significant to watch out the results coming from video marketing strategies. It will help to create better videos in the future while the better placement of strategies could be done as well.

Tracking results are convenient via social media through insights of how many people viewed, shared and “liked” the video post. Consequently, this analysis of results leads you in a position to look at the metrics with experience and action of users. As far as video marketing strategies are concerned, marketers are loving the idea to push their products through videos. As per the research, 65% of video marketers plan to include it in their 2020 video marketing strategy.

Video marketing reinforcing customer relationship

The United Arab Emirates is becoming one of the testing grounds for the development of technology. This is the reason, technological innovations have attracted numerous brands to opt for the latest marketing and advertising methods. In 2020, 92% of marketers reported that they are considering video as an important part of their marketing strategy. Corporate videos facilitate businesses to interact with customers and help in fostering a relationship with them. Further, this is a brilliant opportunity for local or online businesses.

Furthermore, video marketing gives the company a vivid opportunity to interact one on one with all customers. According to Gulf Business, the annual listing ranked the brands with the “most positive buzz” by seeing their perception of brands through a range of metrics. These brands have enhanced their interaction with their customers and video marketing is one of the top factors that made them in the market rightly. Emirates is on the top of this list with the highest score in the YouGov BrandIndex Buzz Rankings.

It is your turn!

These corporate videos are competitor differentiators that make you stand out from the rest. It guarantees to turn a viewer into a customer. In this aspect, inserting Call to Action is a core step that will land them to your website.

Corporate video marketing is all the way helping brands to make the customers stunned by their appearance. So if you are thinking of the corporate video strategies then consult our specialist videographer team at The Media Lab in UAE and let your brand speak for itself.

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