Top Bahrain websites:20 most popular websites of 2018[Infographic]

20 most popular websites of 2018

Websites have evolved the phenomenon of every procession of life and social media along with it has done every possible thing to eliminate all gaps in daily routine.

This has been evident from quite long that certain websites are dominating the market and pursuing the responsiveness of audience hastily. We have compiled an Infographics for the top websites of Bahrain in order to see which websites are most likeable in the country. This list is comprised of 20 most popular websites of 2018 in Bahrain ranked by Alexa and represented on the basis of average daily visitors and page views over a one-month time period.


Top 20 popular websites of Bahrain

Following the trends of Gulf countries like UAE, Kuwait and Oman. Bahrain is also showing the upright first, second and third positions for, and respectively.

These are the most penetrative websites proved to be a prerequisite for every individual and businesses.  The stats shown here are over 9, 8 and 7 page views belong to each platform respectively inculcated by an average user.

Likewise, the social networking is at the peak in today’s era as marking the fourth position with 10 minutes time consumed and 4 page views on average.  In these rankings, electronic mailing sites of and are in a cut-throat competition as having quite similar stats for both page views and time spent conveyed by

The super informative website is following the same pattern as other Gulf countries as leveraging with the position under top 10 popular websites.

Carrying an average of more than 3 page views and time consumption of 4 minutes on average, it is presented at the seventh position in the infographics. Other than these platforms, social networking, online shopping and education websites have also appeared in this list that includes,,,,,,,,,,, and

These websites are successfully leaning their distinguished positions in the chart with the sound traffic stats.

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