Top 10 Most used apps worldwide in 2020

TOP 10 most used apps worldwide in 2020

The world is changing every second and most of the people are getting hand in hand with this change. Here, it is fascinating to see that people are involving in technology to a greater extent due to the rolling out of apps and social media platforms.

Under this post, we are listing down the top 10 most used apps of the world in 2020 to make you aware as how people are evolving with different platforms.

1. Facebook

Facebook has faced a lot of challenges in the past years but it still dominates the race of most-used apps. Its user base is standing with two billion four hundred forty-nine million monthly active audiences having prominent time spent.

Facebook’s self-service advertising tools mentioned the addressable Facebook audience with a figure of 1.95 billion that is approximately 80 percent of the whole MAUs.

2. Youtube

One of the most used apps worldwide in 2020 is YouTube. The largest video library is having two billion monthly active users that are reported as reachable via adverts. It is apparent that day by day, this platform is crossing the mark of fame as more channels are being created and people are inclining towards this platform.

3. Whatsapp

Under the top 10 most used apps worldwide, Whatsapp is one of the fastest-growing platforms with one billion six hundred million monthly active users. At the platform, millions of messages are sent and received on a daily basis. The latest updates rolling with this app attract users at most paving the way for an increased user base.

4. Facebook messenger

There are one billion three hundred million monthly active users at the Facebook messenger. This messenger is adding a great number of users every day, as well as here marketers are trying to make the most of through this platform.

5. Weixin/Wechat

WechatWeixin has surpassed one billion one hundred fifty-one million monthly active users. These platforms are crossing milestones and continuing to introduce the latest updates to discover new tracks for growth.

6. Instagram

Undoubtedly, Instagram is an interesting picture-sharing app that attracts millions of audiences globally. As per the latest reports, Instagram is having one billion monthly active users that are reachable via advertising. The platform is getting insanely popular day by day where millions of posts are made every day.

7. Douyin/Tiktok

The latest stats reveal that Douyin/Tiktok is having 800 million monthly active users where the platforms are seeing tremendous growth with each passing day. These platforms are being used by marketers as well to influence their branding strategies regularly.

8. QQ

QQ is the platform enabling people to chat with millions of new friends along with HD video calls and live translation. Here people can create massive chat rooms with friends from all around the world. This is the reason, the platform is having seven hundred thirty-one million monthly active users with an evident growth rate.

9. QZone

Qzone is the platform allowing people to customize their blogs along with maintaining diaries and sending photos and listening to music. This app later transformed into a massive social network carrying five hundred seventeen million active users on a monthly basis.

10. Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo is a giant Chinese microblogging website that was launched back on 14 August 2009. It has mentioned four hundred ninety-seven million monthly active users in the latest reports. These are collective users exploring the platform through smartphones and desktop.

Source: Hootsuite

We have compiled the list of top 10 most used apps that are making waves around the world. The stats are recorded as of August 2020, so we are not liable for the future changes that might occur in the figures.
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