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Instagram is reaching the peak of fame and thousands of accounts are created every day that leave the mark with intriguing content. GCC region is flooded with renowned Instagram influencers that are creating value for several brands. Like the post for Instagram influencers of 2020, we, as the top Influencer Marketing Agency of Dubai are highlighting the top 10 Instagram Influencers of the UAE 2021 that are making waves through their social presence.

So let us have a look at these social personalities.

1. Huda Beauty

Followers: 48.3 million

Instagram: Huda Beauty

The name of Huda Kattan needs no introduction as she is a famous makeup artist and blogger who now runs her brand that is Huda Beauty. She actively posts content about beauty, tips, tricks, and hacks that are the center of attraction for the beauty freaks. Her beauty-focused content is making her account growth marvelous and the account is currently having 48.3 million followers. Her major followers’ base belongs to the United Arab Emirates.

2. Joelle Mardinian

Followers: 16.5 million

Instagram: Joelle Mardinian

One of the top Instagram influencers of the UAE 2021 is Joelle. She is a mum, entrepreneur, as well as a TV Host. She is frequently posting all lively content that instantly grabs the eyeballs of millions of people. So far, her Instagram account is possessing  16.5 million followers with an average engagement rate of 0.40%.

3. Abdul Aziz

Followers: 5.1 million


Abdul Aziz is one of the top Instagram influencers of the UAE and owns the handle of Bin Baz. His Instagram account is possessing 5.1 million followers clutching up with his intriguing content. Account engagement of the audience is around 0.50% while his most of the followers are from the region of the United Arab Emirates.

4. Movlogs

Followers: 3.7 million

Instagram: Movlogs

Movlogs is known as one of the renowned YouTubers and Instagramers in UAE coming up with great energetic content on his feed. His Instagram account is having 3.7 million followers while the account is appearing with a 5.80% engagement rate having uploaded 1168 posts so far. Thus it is worth mentioning that his followers are growing at a good rate.

5. Taim Al Falasi

Followers: 3.1 million

Instagram: Taimalfalasi

Taim Al Falasi is one of the top 10 Instagram influencers of the UAE 2021. She posts mesmerizing content covering lifestyle, travel, and foodstuff and successfully engages her 3.1 million followers through her feed. The average engagement rate is 0.56% where there are 16.4k likes collectively on her account.

6. Anas Marwah

Followers: 4.3 million

Instagram: Anas Marwah

Anas is a creative Youtuber having a massive following on Instagram. With the whole great content posts on the feed, his account is boasting 4.3 million followers having 425 posts uploaded as of now. It is interesting to see that this account’s average engagement rate is higher as compared to most of the influencers.

7. Khalid al Ameri

Followers: 1.3 million

Instagram: Khalidalameri

Khalid Al Ameri is an Emirati influencer known for his interesting videos with some comic elements. He is a renowned YouTuber and vlogger who is known for his daily videos about life with his Arab wife Salama Mohamed and his kids, Khalifa and Abdulla. On his Instagram account, there are 1.3 million followers with an engagement rate of 6.75%. So far, his feed is showing over 1200 posts in total including IGTV videos.

8. Mariam Al-Yassi

Followers: 744k

Instagram: Mim_design

Mariam’s Instagram account is having a greater fan base of seven hundred forty-four thousand followers making it to the list of top 10 Instagram influencers of UAE 2021. She is actively posting content about fashion, lifestyle, styling, celebrities, Humor along with stories of different stuff and brands. She is also running her own brands with the names of @winkbymim and @bymimdesign.

Her 42.6% of followers are female and 57.4% are male while the average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.60%. The average number of likes per post is 4354 and the average number of comments is 100. Here, 47.73% of the followers that engage with Mim design belong to the United Arab Emirates, followed by Kuwait at 9.09% and Qatar at 6.82%.

9. Maitha

Followers: 648k

Instagram: Al.maiiith

Maitha is carrying a prominent position in the top 10 Instagram influencers of the UAE in 2021. As an influencer, she is creating and posting all travel, fashion, and lifestyle content with more than 6000 posts on her Instagram feed. She is having 6.5 million followers with an average engagement rate of 6.60%.

10. Isnooh


Instagram: Isnooh

Isnooh is one of the top UAE Instagram influencers 2021 who comes up with lively and heart-touching content. Her 38.9% followers are female and 61.1% are male. Moreover, the average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.70% while the average number of likes per post is 1455 and the average number of comments is 79. Isnooh loves to post about lifestyle things.


This post for the top 10 Instagram influencers of the UAE 2021 is compiled from multiple sources based on the stats shown as of April 2021. We, as the leading Influencer Marketing Agency of Dubai, UAE try to come up with more accurate data as possible to date. However, we are not liable for any future changes in the stats shown above.

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