Tiktok acquires the fourth position in the most downloaded apps

Tiktok acquires the fourth position in the most downloaded apps

With the rapid passage of technological phase, there are several apps that bounce to paly stores every other day and hit the success frontier.

One of the leading and popular apps is TikTok which has retained the attraction of billion people across the world. Fundamentally this application enables users to create 15 second videos that are sound tracked by music clips of their choice.

Latest digital report 2019 by We Are Social has unveiled the stats for the most populous app in which this TikTok has joined the social networking giants and acquired the fourth position in the list of most downloaded smartphone apps after the Facebook messenger, Facebook and Whatsapp.

It merits mentioning here that this emerging app has already surpassed one billion downloads on the iTunes App Store and Google Play across the world.

As per the report, the app was downloaded 663 million times outpacing the app of Instagram with the stats of 444 million in the year of 2018 while the application has boosted 71.3 million new users globally by January 2019.

Seeing the bash of this happening app and to protect the rising community seized by the TikTok app, the company has launched a new initiative last week in the face of a series of video tutorials intended to help all users to keep up with their online safety aspect. However, these videos are available in the United Kingdom and USA for the mean time with plans to roll it globally in near future.

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