SMS Marketing

It is a fact that an average person checks the phone 150 times a day and around 98% of messages are read daily. It is a fact that is gearing up SMS marketing to success beyond other digital marketing methods. SMS marketing is the crucial and effective tactic contributing to reach the pyramid of customers. It is the robust technique facilitating businesses to send their service messages such as coupons, promotions, alerts, and so on to get penetrated in the target audience within a short span of time.

Our Dubai based full service digital agency is truly focused to build intelligent SMS marketing system to reach places among the audience via cellphones. Apart from other digital marketing prospects, SMS is considered as the most resourceful medium to get in touch with the further communities of audience which are lacking the reach towards internet.

The Media Lab is the leading agency possessing the aim of offering an outstanding brand reach and brand value along with the competitive pricing scale. Instantly reaching to qualified audience enables the clients to maximize their business potential inclining towards the strong bond of business and customers. Crafting the vivid SMS marketing plan having real time communication with affordability and wider influence of customers beyond the accessibility of internet is what makes our agency distinguish across the region.



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