A new Luxury perfume website launched in UAE by The Media Lab

A new Luxury perfume website launched in UAE by The Media Lab

A website made cleanly with minimal time load and cool interface fetches a great number of audience and retains the top position at search engines.

The key factors for smart luxury perfume website include enthralling design, simple navigation and useful content with flawless photography that answer all the question of viewers.

When looking for a user-friendly luxury perfume website and clean web design with the best functionality, there comes a name of sawalef.com at the top of the list.

The website speaks enticingly well with white background breathing all other colors attractively. This whole web design carries the advantage of portraying the simplicity and functionality which enhances the avid chances of its success.

With all the aesthetics in consideration, this website is all the way built with the minimalist design having robust navigation of all the products.

Each product and service is presented above the header that unfolds when user hovers over them. Further, to find the product with ease, there is a fragrance finder fitted at the bottom of the home page through which users can easily reach to their desired fragrances.

The added and exclusive services by Sawalef like e-boutique is also embedded in the web page that is prominently enabling users to select and buy the products with SHOP NOW button for a worthwhile experience of online shopping.

The whole color combination amalgamated with the products is all set create a pleasant vibe leading visitors to a comfortable experience with surfing. The best thing you notice with Sawalef.com is that you will find the products/services just through the top search bar and add it to the cart without being buzzed by here and there.

From top to bottom, the whole design, layout,photogrphy and colors depicts an elegant showcase of all the fragrances while matching the color pattern with Sawalef logo.

Throughout the website, all of the creative and perfectly crafted elements are woven perfectly to speak out a key concept of the brand story to users.

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