Important Snapchat stats and demographics worldwide

Important Snapchat stats and demographics worldwide

When it comes to Snapchat stats and demographics, the United States holds the biggest Snapchat user base across the globe as of July 2020. It is having over 101 million users while India ranked second as carrying an audience of 33.8 million users. It is one of the most intriguing platforms that is anticipated to cross 365 million global users in 2023.

Snapchat’s popularity stats

As one of the most favorite snap sharing platforms among the younger online audience, Snapchat is also seen as an attractive platform for advertisers.

As per the industry estimates, Snapchat’s advertising revenue is anticipated to exceed 2.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2021 that was recorded 1.53 billion U.S. dollars in 2019.

Snapchat is known as a mobile-first social network generating most visits through smartphones. As per the Snapchat users in the United States, they use the platform to connect with friends and family. This is because of the Snapchat’s vanishing photo-sharing feature for 24 hours that is also adopted by other messaging apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.

Even with all the competition scale, Snapchat users are considered as the most engaged audience as around 48 percent of U.S. Snapchat users usually post their content to the app weekly.

SnapchatUsers (By Country)

  1. United States - 101.4 Million
  2. India - 33.8 Million
  3. France - 20.65 Million
  4. United Kingdom - 17.65 Million
  5. Saudi Arabia - 17.35 Million
  6. Mexico - 15.2 Million
  7. Germany - 12.55 Million
  8. Brazil - 12.35 Million
  9. Canada - 9.4 Million
  10. Philippines - 9 Million
  11. Turkey - 8.95 Million
  12. Iraq - 8.7 Million
  13. Egypt - 7.75 Million

The Snapchat Demographics

  • It is mentioned that 78% of internet users are from age18-24.
  • On the platform, 90% of Snapchat users are 13-24 years old.
  • Here 61% of Snapchat users are women, and 38% are men
  • It is reported that 69% of teens in the United States are using Snapchat.
  • The United States’ Snapchat users are comprised of 33% of males and 35% of females.
  • Snapchat is the preferred social media platform of 41% of US teenagers
  • The snap sharing platform is scored 71 out of 100 points on a consumer satisfaction scale.
  • Snapchat is used multiple times per day by 71% of Snapchat users between age18- 24.
  • Over 37.5% of UK Smartphone users are having a presence on Snapchat.
  • In Norway, over 50% of smartphone users are on Snapchat.
  • Here 64 million users use Snapchat daily in Europe.
  • The countries of Ireland, Saudi Arabia, and Sweden possess to have the highest levels of Snapchat penetration.

Snapchat Financials

  • Snapchat successfully generated $561 million revenue in Q4 2019. It is a 44% increase in year-over-year.
  • Also, Snapchat got $2.57 Average Revenue per User in Q4 2019.
  • It is worth mentioning that Snapchat’s global advertising revenue is $1.53 billion.
  • Revenue generated from Story Ads got doubled year-over-year in Q4 2019.
  • Snapchat’s revenue for 2019 is reported as $ 1.72 billion.
  • It is reported that 2,083,333 Snaps are sent per minute.
  • Snapchat videos are the most popular and get around 10B daily views.
  • The largest Snapchat audience is from the US, France, India, and UK.
  • Snapchat app is used by 53.4% of smartphone users in the United States.
  • Stats revealed that Snapchat was downloaded 75 million times globally.
  • Around 32.7% of the United States marketers are on Snapchat.

Source: Statista

This post for the Important Snapchat stats and demographics worldwide is created by taking information from different sources based on the stats shown as of August 2020. These stats can vary from time to time. We at the Media Lab try to come up with more accurate data as possible to date. However, we are not liable for any future changes in the stats shown above.

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