How to Improve Your Instagram Marketing Game with Stories?

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There is always more to Instagram marketing via Instagram stories along with the gaining of followers. Businesses are unlocking the potential by exploring stories to engage the audience and boost sales at large.

Instagram is a vastly used platform having a viewership of 400 million people. Among which, 51% of Instagram users access this platform daily while 35% use the platform more than one time every day.

As per the study, this platform is having the presence of 53% male and 47% female.

Instagram offers plenty of tools through which brands are taking benefits greatly.

The feature of stories is an obvious choice for brands to promote their brands and services.

Here are some of the ways through which Instagram marketing is bringing more sales to your business.

1. Use hashtags and geotags

Hashtags and geotags are the best way to discover and explore the world on social media especially Instagram. Businesses using the tools of hashtags and geotags are evidently having an increased reach for posts. Instagram allows 30 hashtags under one post and you should have to research hashtags that are prominently used. This effective research will lead your post to your target audience well.

Another tool with the hashtag is geotag that shows the location of your business.

This geotag will make it easier for people to find your store and ultimately will boost traffic. In simple words, hashtags and geotags in the Instagram Stories lead your brand to the radar of your target audience. This is one of the effective Instagram marketing tools overall.

2. Link your stories to your shop page or promotional posts

After crossing the mark of 10,000 followers, Instagram unlocks the feature of the website link in stories.

This feature allows you to insert a link at the bottom of the story through which a user can simply swipe up and land on your business website.

The linking of the story to your page is a great feature to turn your Instagram audience to website visitors and then customers. Across the world, 95 million videos and photos are shared by users on a single day. However, there are 1 million monthly active advertisers on the platform.

3. Use Instagram stories to actually tell a story

The biggest advantage of Instagram marketing is that Instagram does not put any limit to story posting per day.

You can post an unlimited number of stories per day that can make the audience curious, excited, and lead them to buy a product or service.

Break your story into bite-sized pieces, and this will make users continue watching all stories.

You can put a call to action in the last story so that customers can get to the website or online store.  Instagram stories’ usage is growing at a rapid pace every year and by the end of 2019, it is surpassing the count of 400 million.

4. Create polls to engage followers and gain insight

Every business search for their target market and wants to know what their customer wants.

So the “Poll” feature on Instagram is a better way to get clues about what to sell and what people like.

Ask a question on Instagram and add a poll with some choices so that a visitor can answer just by clicking an option. This feature is the best way to do simple consumer research for any product or service. Through all the great features, Instagram is the second most engaged network after Facebook as shown in the research.

5. Invest in sponsored Instagram stories

Along with all free tools, you can expand your story reach through sponsored stories. Business profiles can use sponsored stories feature and leverage the massive benefit out of it. Sponsored stories are labeled in the upper left corner so that one can easily recognize which stories are sponsored ones.

Instagram is being used by millions of companies worldwide. One of the studies shows that an estimated 71% of US businesses use Instagram and it reveals that 7 out of 10 hashtags are branded. In this aspect, over 80% of businesses see Instagram engagement as a significant metric. However, around 80% of Instagram users follow at least one brand from their account.

If you are looking to accelerate your business growth via Instagram marketing then consult our proficient social media experts and make the most of every existing opportunity.

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