How to engage your audience with corporate video content?

How to engage your audience with corporate video content?

Engaging your audience through corporate video content is the trend that is being followed by most of the brands internationally.

Whether it’s about the brand of clothing, electronics, toys or any other stuff, companies are diverting towards the video content to attract the attention of the audience thus try their best to generate lead. One of the research shows that 81% of people feature their video on the brand's website to attract an audience. The average user spends 16 minutes watching videos every month.

Under this post, we are giving you tips to engage your audience with corporate video content well and leverage the benefit out of it.

Know your audience well

Knowing the audience is one of the significant steps that play a vital role in creating marketing plans.

Today, marketers use video to grow revenue by 49% faster than non-video. Brands making the video should have to cater to the prospect of the audience’s attention.

Before making your first video, search the target audience for which your corporate video could be a great hit. It will make things easier for you to gear up towards future strategies. Once you have started uploading videos at any social media platform, start checking these signs of engagement. Check if the video posts are gaining likes, comments, new subscribers and audience retention rates. These factors will let you know what things are most attractive to the audience. The video creation is getting immensely popular as people watch 5 billion videos on Youtube every single day.

Be clear in delivering a message

Most of the people exit the video because the person in the video is mumbling or the video is not in good quality or maybe the content is not understandable. This fast exit of the audience lessens the engagement rate and can make your page low in rankings. Video content yields the best ROI. When it comes to online shopping, it is visible that 7 out of 10 Millennials are likely to watch the video before shopping.

Thus, to smooth up all the processes, make sure to deliver your message in the clearest way with crystal clear video quality. This will tie viewers well with your brand and encourage them to come to your page again.

Explore the art of storytelling

The recent research shows that  97% of marketers believe that corporate videos help customers understand products and 90% of people say that videos are helpful in making the purchase decision of the product. However, if the video is on the landing page then it can increase the conversion rate by 80%.  People don’t want to leave if they are hearing a good story.

Same is the case with video content as storytelling keeps people attached to the brand.

It is also scientifically visible that people retain specific information if we tell them via real-life stories or experience. It is said that talking at your audience is alright but having a talk with your audience is better. Create your videos as a two-way dialogue. It can boost your video engagement and encourage viewers to get involved in it.

Corporate video content is leveraging greater benefits and it is mentioned that by the end of 2019, 80% of worldwide Internet usage will be video content. So before planning marketing moves, consider the video content at the core strategy.

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