9 Important stats for the podcast you should know in 2020

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Stats for the podcast are going bigger with each passing day. We will initiate the post with some general stats for podcasts that will make you understand how podcasts have grown big and how it is making waves across the world. These stats include the number of people who are familiar with podcasting and listen to podcasts regularly.

1. More than 1 million unique individual podcasts are there

(Source: Listen Notes)

Podcasts are showing immense growth and it is visible with its unique individual podcast stats. More than one million unique individual podcasts are reported while around 66 million podcast episodes are found online under which 500k shows are present in Apple Podcast.

The podcast content is. observing great growth each year and its trend is rising continually.

2. The US has a great number of podcast listeners

(Source: Edisonresearch, Statista, eMarket)

One of the researches mentions that there are over 104 million podcast listeners in the United States. This podcast study has further shown that around 212 million Americans know about podcasts while across 155 million have listened to the podcasts once in their life.

Statista’s estimations reveal that there will be 132 million listeners by 2022. However, as per the eMarketers’
anticipation, there will be a 20% increase in listeners over a 4-year period.

3. 75% of Americans are aware of podcasting in 2020

(Source: Statista.com)

Being familiar with something has its own importance. In the year of 2006, just 22% of people were aware of the podcasts. Moreover, these stats got really boosted in 2020 as of now 75% of people know about the podcasts that comprise of 2012 million people.

People are getting more familiar with podcasts and consuming this specific content intriguingly.

4. 73% of US consumers reach to podcasts via the internet

(Source: Discoverpods.com)

As per the Discoverpods, around 80% of consumers get to podcasts via cross-promotion. Secondly, 72% of podcast listeners reach podcasts from recommendations of other people or friends while 56% find podcasts through social media.

5. 97.7% of podcasters say that quality content is fundamental

(Source: Discoverpods.com)

Quality content is necessary for every medium and so is for podcasts. As per the source, 97.7% of podcasters say that quality content is crucial while 96.5% of podcasters like engaging listeners and content.

6. 32% of Americans listen to podcasts once a month

(Edison Research)

Podcasts are becoming a mainstream and great part of learning.  According to research, 90 million people prefer to listen or watch podcasts at least once a month. However, people older than 12 in the USA listen to podcasts shown once in a week.

7. 74% of podcast users learn something new

(Edison Research)

Around 71% of users listen to podcasts for entertainment while 60% of Americans listen to podcasts to get updated with the latest news and 51% of people mention that they listen to podcasts for relaxations.

8. Male is dominating as podcast listeners


Podcasts are more famous in males than in females. According to the source, 56% of podcast listeners are male. It is mentioned that men tend to listen or watch podcasts than women.

9. More than 29 million podcast episodes are available in more than 100 languages

(Music Oomph)

No doubt, Podcasts are great means to share knowledge and experiences with the audience globally. There is a wide range of podcasts available including the fields of politics, business, and cooking. It is a great chance to learn about any culture like Asian, Hindu, Texan, Jewish, or African American through podcasts. There are more than 29 million podcast episodes are available in 100 languages to facilitate users.

This post for the stats for the podcast is compiled from multiple sources based on the stats shown as of August 2020. These stats can vary from time to time. We at the Media Lab try to come up with more accurate data as possible to date. However, we are not liable for any future changes in the stats shown above.

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