8 brilliant tips to build a winning email marketing strategy

winning email marketing strategy


Nonetheless to mention that email marketing is now considered as essential tool to reach and target the customers. Around 77% people prefer email as a mode of professional communication and 73% of millennial uses email for business communication.

Further the usage will grow to 2.9 billion till 2019 and as per the stats; around 105 billion emails are exchanged daily. So email marketing today is dynamic to penetrate throughout the market in time. Here is how you can explore this tool effectively for long term results.

  1. Create a comprehensive list
    For having an effective email marketing strategy, create a list that carries relevant and accurate data of existing and prospective customers. Updating database is much essential as this mode of communication could be outdated quickly. As one of the survey stated that around 22.5% data decays yearly, so keeping the data updated will be effective in creating fruitful marketing strategy.
  2. Don’t target as general
    Customers want to see personalized emails that focus on their needs. So avoid using templates that reflects the general appeal. If you will target the audience in general way then it can be a clue for people that they are not being targeted specifically. So make sure to be specific when panning email marketing strategies.
  3. Mobile friendly emails
    Nowadays mostly people prefer to check their emails while on the go. This makes 65% of the audience that access their emails via mobile device. Thus it is better to use email services that are accessible on mobile. Else the emails not accessible on mobile will get to deletion instantly and lower down the results of email marketing.
  4. Track the results
    Not just emailing is enough but it is significant to track them constantly. It can be done via seeing how your link, number are getting clicked. There, you can explore platform like Google URL builder to track the email marketing results.
  5. Active responding
    In order to increase the customer base, make sure to respond all the queries you are getting by customers. Late or no reply will make them to switch other competitors.
  6. Embed a Call to Action
    After sending email, there should be a call to action embedded in the email through which the receiver could follow up with. Further, contact details of the sender will be good so that recipient will find it convenient to get in touch.
  7. Make emails short

Longer emails will look vague and readers will not find interest in going through emails. In order to generate great email marketing results, create short and concise emails communicating properly about services.

  1. Keep following the rules
    These days it is harder to reach prospective customers. So it is vital to follow the rules for proper targeting of customers. Firstly, stop marketing products and services to those customers who have not responded or purchased for around three months. Sending them emails again and again will lead you to spam folder. Secondly, market the products or services to those customers who have made a purchase within eighteen months.

So these are the tips which lead to a successful email marketing with increased sales, customer base as well as ROI.


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