5 proven ways to bring more traffic to your Ecommerce websites in UAE

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Websites are the gateway bringing more traffic to your business generating leads.

Ecommerce websites in UAE are setting the new revenue benchmarks for the industry.

It is obvious that websites are an attraction for customers especially the websites with better visual interfaces.

According to researches, the human brain comprehends visual data 60,000 times faster than written text. However, 65% of the audience is a visual learner when it comes to websites. There are many steps and tools that businesses are using to have higher traffic stats on their websites.

Here we are stating a mix of tools that bring free and high-quality traffic to your website. This traffic helps to improve the ranking of the websites at search engines. These tools are easier to explore but require constant time and money.

1. Get your website listed in online business directories

The significant way to increase website traffic at your Ecommerce websites in UAE is to get them listed in online business directories. Businesses are exploring this way to increase the visibility of website at search engines. You just have to give a link of your website in the directory listings while having reviews for the business is more likely to increase your website traffic. Across 32% of visitors find your website through Search Engine and this listing in directory plays a significant role in it.

There are several online directories of UAE offering a free listing of business websites. Some of them are

Yellowpages Dubai

Dubai Yellow Pages Online

All yellow pages

Dubai Business Directory

2. Build Backlinks

Creating backlinks for the website is one of the renowned methods to generate organic traffic. Backlinks from other businesses and other influencers will not only make your website visible but they will also drive quality traffic. Google picks up backlinks of your website and increases trust for your business as the renowned websites are pointing to yours. So make sure to get noticed on Google through backlinks.

3. Video making for good engagement

Video marketing is a new and hot trend that is being explored by businesses to penetrate in the market. Brands prefer to spend the budget and efforts on video marketing. Moreover, the video medium is one of the best mediums creating an emotional connection with customers and instantly delivering a message to the target audience. As per the research, 53% of customers prefer to engage with a brand after watching it on social media.  In just a matter of seconds, videos hit the idea of the brands to the minds of customers and encouraging them to find more about the company.

4. Post to Social Media

Undoubtedly, social media marketing is enabling brands to create a vast audience for their brands. It is one of the free tools that play a vital role in bringing more traffic to the website. Different Ecommerce websites in UAE are using Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to create an increased engagement for blog posts and other website pages. It is visible that 7 out of 10 marketers are optimizing their video content for SEO. It is not hard to create content for your product/service. So make sure to post regularly at your social media that can brag the attention of viewers. Further,  videos are a new good aspect as  85% of people usually watch videos on Facebook without sound while 82% of users watch video content on Twitter and respond to them.

5. Include Hashtags in Your Posts

Using hashtags in your social media post is one of the most effective tactics to increase the reach of your posts. In this way, businesses are extending their posts/pages reach beyond the network and getting discovered by users. It is visible that the more eyes will be on your link, the more traffic you will be on your website. Posts with a minimum one hashtag yield 12.6% greater engagement than posts without any hashtag.

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