5 Ways Instagram Marketing Will Help You Get More Business in Dubai

5 Ways Instagram marketing will help you get more business in Dubai

Since the inception of Instagram, the platform witnessed a massive audience count.

Instagram marketing in Dubai has grown widely as a platform for gaining success across the board.

Over 1 billion people use Instagram every day while 500 million people use Instagram stories daily.

One of the reasons for hyped Instagram marketing in Dubai is the presence of a great number of influencers in the region. With the massive amount of followers and effective engagements, people prefer to become an influential personality and later turn as a brand.

Here we are presenting some tips and tricks which will help your brand to get more business in Dubai through Instagram marketing.

1. Create a business profile 

If you want to make your business appearance on the Instagram platform then create a business profile.

It is one step task to get a business account through settings. As per the Hootsuite stats, 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily.

The business profile leverages several benefits like followers can conveniently reach to you or contact you via a link in bio.

This would land them right away on your business website. Moreover, a business profile facilitates you to create and publish ads directly without using Facebook’s advertising tools.

The bigger advantage your brand could get is Instagram analytics tools known as insights. These insights offer stats about the reach and impression of your posts instantly by clicking the “View Insights” tab. It readily helps to understand and track all metrics.

2. Use free Instagram tools

Business profiles on Instagram are quite similar to Facebook business profiles.

One can use free Instagram tools to even have a breakdown of demographics of all followers like age, gender, location and engagement hours. This creates easiness to plan all strategies for grabbing the eyeballs of the target audience.

3. Post product teasers

Instagram is a platform that brings immensely positive results to your brand. One of the brilliant actions you can do at Instagram is posting teasers about the product. Teasers greatly attract the audience and create excitement without annoying or scaring them.

You can explore the teasers offering discounts while showing some images and purchase links. The audience likes posts that are not pushy and offers convenience to them.

4. Create sponsored ads

Sponsored ads are always the best action you can perform on this popular platform.

To get rightly into the audience, you can always create sponsored ads and control how much you exactly want to spend.

This option has attracted millions of brands to use it and evidently this feature targets the audience in a whole new way.

Instagram marketing in Dubai is using sponsored ads to engage and appeal the audience in both short and long run. More often brands prefer to showcase one sponsored ad or diversified ad with the carousel feature.

Further, you can run multiple posts for diverse audiences to enhance engagement instantaneously. There are different forms of sponsored ads that can be posted as:

  • Photo
  • Video
  • Carousel/Dynamic Ads
  • Stories
  • Stories Canvas

5. Make use of hashtags wisely

We all are aware that hashtags are one of the core factors to increase your prominence and discoverability at the platform. Instagram allows using of 30 hashtags per post. However, using the whole count of 30 hashtags will give a spammy look to the post and it will turn followers off.

So in order to avoid this bash, choose the limited hashtags that are relevant, and specific to brand niche.

Do not make use of follow- or like-swapping (such as #like4like or #followme) as it leaves a bad impression on users.

You can surely deep dive into the hashtag usage strategies here.

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