10 Instagram marketing statistics in UAE you should know


10 Instagram marketing statistics in UAE you should know

Instagram is playing a gigantic role in the marketing of brands. Instagram marketing statistics in UAE are explored by companies that are helping them grow and create brand awareness. Across 70% of Instagram users spend time to search for brands. In recent years, Instagram has become a platform that promotes a product in a friendly and authentic way without getting towards hard-selling.

1. Active Instagram users

Approximately 63% of Instagram users log in at least once in a day. However, 42% of people check their Instagram accounts multiple times per day and only 16% of users log in less than once per week. Brands can figure out when their audience prefers to be online through some research and this will lead them to know what is the best time to make a post.

2. Time spent on Instagram

As per the predicted stats, Instagram users will spend an average of 28 minutes per day on the platform in 2020. E-marketers forecast that the above time spent is slightly increased from last year as it was recorded 27 minutes of time spent in 2019. Moreover, the time spent on Facebook is marginally decreasing from the past year.

3. Instagram users visit a business profile

It is reported that 200 million Instagram users check and visit at least one business profile daily. A great portion of users search and see for relevant business profiles. So plan strategies to make your page one of the widely searched pages.

4. Users watching Instagram stories

One of the significant Instagram marketing statistics in UAE is about stories. As per the reports, 62% of people mentioned that they have become more interested in a brand or product after going through their regular stories. If you have not started using the feature of stories so far then think about it now and checkout 20 Instagram Stories ideas to get started.

5. Shopping posts

With an increasing trend of online shopping, people are moving towards social media shopping for their purchases. Around, 130 million Instagram users tap on shopping posts every month.

People are liking to buy directly from Instagram. However, Shoppable post feature is relatively new and brands need to learn to use it well. If you have not used it for your brand till now then check out how to sell products on Instagram.

6. Accounts using “Explore” feature

As per the stats, more than 50% of Instagram accounts use "Explore" tab every month. Under the Explore tab, people find new content and new accounts to follow on Instagram. Make your content featured on Explore and make your brand visible to new followers.

7. Stories stickers enhance video performance

As per the stats, stickers used in the stories enhance performance 83% of the time. However, in photo stories, two or more than two stickers are likely to reduce the performances. It is always better to present stories with no clutter.

8. How-to tutorials content

Instagram marketing statistics in UAE shows that the most popular form of content is Instagram video content. People like to have fun and entertainment at the same time and these videos teach great things about different fields. So these videos can convert your viewers into followers.

9. Instagram ad stats

The massive growth of Instagram is visible with its potential advertising reach of 849.3 million users. It comprises 14% of adults aged 13 and over and signifies a 5.9% quarter-on-quarter surge in advertising reach in Q3 2019.

10. Instagram advertisers

Instagram comes third in the aspect of youth advertising reach. Here advertisers can reach 52.9 million youth audience and this makes Instagram an attractive platform for all marketers across the globe.

Instagram marketing statistics in UAE are being used to design the best fitting strategies to enhance the presence of brands. If you want your brand among the successful brands' list then talk to our professional Instagram marketers who know how to come up with the best strategies and execution.


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